Business Monitor API (v0.4)

The Business Monitor API is a JSON-based API that implements responses following the JSON:API specification (see for reference).

The API is available at

Quick start

Grab your API key and try with curl on the command line:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer your_api_key"


All requests must be authenticated with the user's API key, with the header Authorization: Bearer api_key.



Resource Description
GET /v0/companies/:id Get the company data (includes Commerce Register data)
GET /v0/companies/:id/commerce_register_data DEPRECATED Get the Commerce Register data for a specific company
GET /v0/companies/changed_on/:date Get companies for which there was a commerce register data change on a specific date (up to 7 days ago). Only includes companies previously fetched using other endpoints.

Health checks

Resource Description
GET /v0/health_check Check the API is responding, without using quota. Responds with the company data for Novertur International SA.


Resource Description
GET /v0/companies/:company_id/relationships Get relationships for a specific company.

Shab publications

Resource Description
GET /v0/companies/:company_id/shab_publications Get SHAB publications for a specific company.