C Staffing Agency Sàrl

Location: Lausanne, Vaud

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Industry: Business activities
Legal form: Limited Liability Company
NOGA: N782000 - Temporary employment agency activities

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Size: Small (10-49 emp.)
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C Staffing Agency Sàrl

About C Staffing Agency Sàrl

C Staffing Agency Sàrl is a Limited Liability Company based in Lausanne, in the canton of Vaud, founded in 2007. Its identification number UID is CHE-113.638.804. It is active in "temporary employment agency activities". Currently, the people holding decision-making roles are Judith Houssin Celeste (President and Manager) and Jean-Marc Houssin (Manager).


Goal ( fr de translation )

La fourniture de services dans la vente, la formation et le conseil, ainsi que la location de service du personnel et le placement privé du personnel (pour but complet cf. statuts).

Date of registration

16/05/2007 (over 13 years)




Lausanne Headquarter

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