RONA Bauplan GmbH

Location: Nunningen, Solothurn

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Industry: Technical activity
Legal form: Limited liability company
NOGA: M711101 - Architects

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Size: Micro (1-9 emp.)
Website: Not available

RONA Bauplan GmbH

About RONA Bauplan GmbH

RONA Bauplan GmbH is a limited liability company based in Nunningen, in the canton of Solothurn, founded in 2008 by Nadine Zeugin-Hänggi (Manager and Partner). Its identification number UID is CHE-114.101.501. It is active in "architectural activities ". Before moving its legal seat, the company was based in Grellingen until the 24th April 2019. Currently, the person holding a decision-making role is Nadine Zeugin-Hänggi (Partner and Manager).


Goal ( de fr translation )

Betrieb eines Architekturbüros. Die Gesellschaft kann sich an anderen Unternehmen beteiligen sowie Grundeigentum erwerben, belasten, veräussern und verwalten.

Date of registration

25/02/2008 (almost 13 years)




Nunningen Headquarter

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