Vanoli Immobilien Treuhand AG

Industry: Real estate
Legal form: Limited
Size: Medium (50-249 emp.)
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About Vanoli Immobilien Treuhand AG

Vanoli Immobilien Treuhand AG is a limited company based in Küssnacht (SZ), in the canton of Schwyz, founded in 1988 by Alfred Heussi (President) and Alfred Heussi (Member of the board of directors). Its identification number UID is CHE-101.527.894. It is active in "management of real estate on a fee or contract basis". Before moving its legal seat, the company was based in Meggen until the 20th November 2003. Currently, the people holding decision-making roles are Sandro Vanoli (President), Innocente Vanoli (Member of the board of directors), Reto Vanoli (Member of the board of directors), Markus Schilter (Authorized signatory), Nicole Bürgler (Authorized signatory), Elio Vanoli (Authorized signatory), Gabriela Roth-Husistein (Authorized signatory), and Philipp Schmid (Authorized signatory).


Goal ( de fr translation )

Verwaltung und Vermittlung von Liegenschaften sowie Übernahme von Treuhandtätigkeiten aller Art; kann Liegenschaften erwerben, verwalten und veräussern sowie sich an anderen Unternehmen beteiligen.

Date of registration

18/11/1988 (over 31 years)




Immensee Headquarter

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