Discobéton SA

Location: Conthey, Valais
Industry: Construction
Legal form: Limited
Size: Micro (1-9 emp.)
Website: discobeton.com
Discobéton SA website

About Discobéton SA

Discobéton SA is a limited company based in Conthey, in the canton of Valais, founded in 2014. Its identification number UID is CHE-393.867.761. It is active in "test drilling and boring". Currently, the person holding a decision-making role is Stéphane Luyet (Member of the board of directors).



Le sciage et le forage au diamant et toutes autres activités dans le domaine de la construction (cf. statuts pour but complet)

Date of registration

18/06/2014 (almost 6 years)




Conthey Headquarter

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