SBM Services Inc. SA

Location: Marly, Fribourg

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Industry: Technical activity
Legal form: Limited
NOGA: M711205 - Other technical consultancy and planning

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Size: Large (>249 emp.)
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SBM Services Inc. SA

About SBM Services Inc. SA

SBM Services Inc. SA is a Limited based in Marly, in the canton of Fribourg, founded in 1979. Its identification number UID is CHE-103.038.666. It is active in "engineering activities and related technical consultancy". Currently, the people holding decision-making roles are Hugh Wood Douglas (President), Gaston Baudet (Vice-president), and Luke Gillon (Member of the board of directors and Secretary).


Goal ( fr de translation )

l'élaboration de projets techniques et l'exécution de services techniques, en particulier dans le domaine maritime. Acheter, vendre, recevoir et mettre à disposition en leasing, louer, sous-louer, ainsi qu'exploiter des bateaux et tout équipement offshore ou maritime (cf. statuts pour but complet).

Date of registration

02/11/1979 (almost 42 years)




Marly Headquarter

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