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Location: Comano, Ticino

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Industry: Other
Legal form: Limited Liability Company
NOGA: R932900 - Other amusement and recreation activities

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Size: Micro (1-9 emp.)
Website: Not available

R + B Sagl



Traffic light

CrediSCORE estimates the risk of non-payment reliably, thanks to the categorisation of payment problems and credit information in the form of traffic lights.

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Full report

CrediCHECK is a comprehensive report on the company, including CrediSCORE, payment experiences (positive and negative), lawsuits, key figures and information on executives.

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Debt Collection Report

Debt Collection Report

Official and up-to-date debt collection report

The official debt collection report is the safest way to protect against the risk of non-payment. Delivered electronically within 24 hours of order in 80% of cases. Uploading of proof of interest is mandatory (invoice, contract, offer, etc.).

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Company identification
Contact details
Payment experiences Xchange
Debt collection notices
Debt enforcements, certificates of shortfall
Official debt collection report
Official notices / proceedings
Basic data of the commercial register
Deficiencies and events in the commercial register
Bodies / officials
Auditing, supervision
Size class and industrial sector