Cabiancardi SA

Location: Cadempino, Ticino

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Industry: Business activities
Legal form: Limited
NOGA: N812100 - General cleaning of buildings

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Size: Medium (50-249 emp.)
Website: Not available

Cabiancardi SA

About Cabiancardi SA

Cabiancardi SA is a Limited based in Cadempino, in the canton of Ticino, founded in 1985. Its identification number UID is CHE-103.523.418. It is active in "general cleaning of buildings". Currently, the people holding decision-making roles are Stefan Honegger (President), Lukas Burkhalter (Member of the board of directors), Beatrice Benkler-Steck (Director), Gianfranco Rotta (Director), Marc Daniel Christen (Director), Armando Rotta (Authorized signatory), Ivan Giuseppe Ferrari (Authorized signatory), and Ariste Baumberger (Unknown).


Goal ( it de translation fr translation )

L'organizzazione e l'esecuzione di ogni lavoro nel campo della pulizia di immobili e in settori affini.

Date of registration

04/09/1985 (over 35 years)




Cadempino Headquarter

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