AVplanification, timber construction planification

"Using business-monitor.ch has enabled me to double the number of appointments I make from the same number of initial contacts"
Arthur Veenhuys, Manager


AVplanification is a Swiss company operating since 2013, specialising in timber construction plans, offering services in design, creation of working drawings and materials lists. As a B2B provider of “Certified Technician in Timber Construction”, AVplanification allows small timber construction companies to position themselves on a wider range of sites, while maintaining perfect regulatory compliance, improving cost control, as well as managing work time more efficiently. For larger companies, AVplanification can assist during peak periods by offering a technician on demand, according to their needs.

  • How would you describe your ideal client?

    Arthur Veenhuys's answer We mainly offer our services to small construction companies that don't have an engineer at their disposal, as well as to large companies during times of peak demand who don't necessarily want to hire new engineers for short periods. We act as a buffer to fluctuations in workload for our customers.

  • Before using business-monitor.ch, how did you identify new potential clients?

    Arthur Veenhuys's answer This involved many hours of research, using search engines such as Google. But these kinds of search engines produce millions of results which are of little interest to us. We also made use of directories such as Local.ch, but it didn't take long to reach the limits of their usefulness. We managed to identify some local carpenters, but we found it impossible to filter these with more specific criteria.

  • What do you think makes business-monitor.ch different?

    Arthur Veenhuys's answer Firstly, we did a search using keywords, just like with Google. But instead of returning millions of Internet pages of little use, the business-monitor.ch search engine suggested companies that we could then filter; this difference is fundamental. For example, we were able to identify an engineering firm with a history of conventional construction work, but which had recently launched a project using timber. With the keywords appearing on their website, we were able to find them easily. Our services match perfectly with the needs of these kinds of companies. Being able to offer our services at the perfect time means we can then sell our services.

  • How would you describe your increase in efficiency?

    Arthur Veenhuys's answer We are now twice as efficient. In recent months, we have been working a lot on our business development. Using the business-monitor.ch search engine meant that I've doubled the number of appointments I make from the same number of initial contacts. This is due to the precise targeting we can achieve when using the specific keywords that can be entered, and also the advanced filters that are only available with business-monitor.ch.

  • Would you recommend business-monitor.ch?

    Arthur Veenhuys's answer Absolutely, but not to my competitors...