CADSchool, continuous education center

Cédric Millioud, CEO CADSchool:

We found the Business-Monitor solution, which allows us to do targeted searches in relation to our sector of activity. My name is Cédric Milloud, I am CEO at CADSchool in Geneva. We are a continuous education center.

So at CADSchool, we have four training streams. One that is related to visual creation, typically with software like Photoshop. A stream for post-production. A stream for everything that is web-related, website creation, and digital marketing, for example. And the last stream is all about computer-aided design.

My tasks are to develop the activities of the school, and to achieve this, it requires regular contact with our large customers, and also to identify new customers who might be interested in our services. In the past, I looked for ways to acquire, to find potential prospects. One of the possibilities on the market is through the Chambers of Commerce. But it's limited to members, so it's not an exhaustive search. And actually, I used the tools, their search tools that I put in comparison with Business-Monitor, I still realized that the number of prospects released by Business-Monitor was still more complete. And also the search tools of Business-Monitor allow to obtain more targeted searches.

One of the options I particularly enjoy is email notifications, which come in two forms. Either, I am informed of a new entrant on a field of activity that interests me and in which I would have done searches before. And also notifications regarding news about companies that I am already monitoring.