Steve Guyot, Ingeus SA

" opens a new window on the integrated economy"
Steve Guyot, Employment support advisor, Ingeus SA.


Having worked in human resources consultancy for many years in the Lausanne region, Steve Guyot is now an HR consultant at Ingeus SA. Since 2012, he has helped numerous people with their reintegration into the workplace, and uses to identify Swiss companies suitable for his job candidates.

  • What is the biggest challenge you face when placing candidates?

    Steve Guyot's answer The hidden job market is enormous, especially in Switzerland. Small and medium sized businesses often rely on word of mouth, and tend to use networking rather than advertising to fill open vacancies. So spontaneous application is a great way to find a job, but it is extremely difficult to identify which companies are in constant need to hire staff, because of their operations.

    The placement of finishing workers in the construction industry is a case in point. We know the major construction companies, but in French-speaking Switzerland alone, there are hundreds of other companies, mainly SMEs, which operate in this sector. However these companies can be very difficult to single out.

  • How does help you with your daily work?

    Steve Guyot's answer Since I started to use, the scope of opportunities for my job seeking candidates has expanded. Indeed, I am now able to help them identify more potential employers and I can generate lists of companies very easily.

    With, I can simply do a search by entering keywords, and the results are both accurate and extensive. The system automatically analyses the operations of the companies, and returns valuable and relevant information. I see it a bit like the Google of Swiss companies.

  • Would you recommend

    Steve Guyot's answer Yes, definitely. My colleagues use it regularly, and I also often recommend it to job seekers. Such a system has numerous applications, such as job placement, headhunting or for temporary work.