Swisspeers, crowd lending for SMEs

Alwin Meyer, CEO Swisspeers:

The beauty of Business-Monitor is its search function, enabling me to search from the total of around 580'000 Swiss SMEs those which are relevant to me. My Name is Alwin Meyer. I am one of the co-founders of Swisspeers.

Swisspeers is an online platform bringing together capital seeking companies with investors, having investments needs. As co-founder of the company, I am responsible for the whole area of Public Relations, Marketing and Distribution.

In this context, we found Business-Monitor. In Switzerland, we have 580'000 SMEs, all of which are potential customers for us. Finding those customers in this community, that are ideal for Swisspeers' solutions portfolio, that's the challenge we wanted to tackle with Business-Monitor. I have a variety of ways to search. I can select by industry, select according to the NACE or the NOGA code and very quickly get to the sample of data I need for further analysis. And finally, you can set up watchlists and follow companies or entire groups of companies.

The exciting thing that really surprised me in Business-Monitor is that I not only follow the companies I have chosen, but also the so-called “lookalikes”, which are similar to the companies on my watchlist. Thus, I also get information about changes in these same industries, for example, or in these same regions for companies that I do not necessarily have on the watchlist.