About us

business-monitor.ch is developed by Novertur International SA, a Swiss company based in Morges, active in the company information industry since 2012.

For more than 5 years, Novertur International SA is developing advanced technologies to help small and mid-sized enterprises to find each other, connect easily and do business together. Our technology was developed with the help of the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the Office for Economic Affairs (SPECo – Economic promotion) and the HES-SO (HE-Arc).

Our mission is to collect and organize the company information available and make it easily accessible for any organization willing to develop its business.

Novertur International SA

Place de la Gare 2 1110 Morges Switzerland
+41 32 510 25 85 Contact us

The team

  • Florent Schlaeppi

    Florent Schlaeppi

    Founder and CEO
  • Jacques Billy

    Jacques Billy

  • Filipe Guedes

    Filipe Guedes

  • Yoan Basset

    Yoan Basset

    Marketing & Sales Manager
  • João Proença

    João Proença

    Senior Front-end Developer
  • Luisa Thiele

    Luisa Thiele

    Product specialist
  • Giang Nguyen

    Giang Nguyen

    Senior Developer

Advisory board

  • Luca Salzano

    Luca Salzano

    and Advisor
  • Marius Aeberli

    Marius Aeberli

    and Advisor
  • Julia Fellrath, PhD

    Julia Fellrath, PhD

  • Benoît Perroud

    Benoît Perroud

  • Alpaslan Korkmaz

    Alpaslan Korkmaz


Supported by

  • Swiss Confederation - Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI Swiss Confederation - Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI