About us

Business Monitor is developed by Novertur International SA, a Swiss company based in Morges, active in the company information industry since 2012.

For more than 5 years, Novertur International SA is developing advanced technologies to help small and mid-sized enterprises to find each other, connect easily and do business together. Our technology was developed with the help of the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the Office for Economic Affairs (SPECo – Economic promotion) and the HES-SO (HE-Arc).

Our mission is to collect and organize the company information available and make it easily accessible for any organization willing to develop its business.

Contact us

  • Novertur International SA
    Place de la Gare 2
    1110 Morges

  • Australian office:
    155 Queen Street
    4000 Brisbane CBD

The team

  • Florent schlaeppi e9b69e09b25748baf07b730ae37954879ea85192a8579872ff8d0e2e6bb34527

    Florent Schlaeppi

    Founder and CEO
  • Jacques billy 5dcbb982f344ff1a0702bfbe8e9033760546606d893fd9d5a58eaf7407594206

    Jacques Billy

  • Filipe guedes a98893136d2972e081cf2e6a5f83bfb16d606bd512098988bc1a1837f068d6b9

    Filipe Guedes

  • Giang nguyen ff020a575b381efad8be9269b75ab377d3e1ee46bbe492744e44c19f4c9db9b9

    Giang Nguyen

    Senior Developer

Advisory board

  • Luca salzano ec3cc39968f4e5e1fc5c1289d480026b72448cf2b863ae6bb8ffb5b632ab87e0

    Luca Salzano

    and Advisor
  • Marius aeberli 7969c49e7a4d8d5110ee5046682425fab474ed3ae2219922adfd0037a179410e

    Marius Aeberli

    and Advisor
  • Julia fellrath 93a40873cbff980a9123ffbadab7bc689ee5da9254ad91f9de3a64691cce9eec

    Julia Fellrath, PhD

  • Benoit perroud d1ed1ba50b755f6d631414ef0022357d3b2ced498973f8edb51c88a8714a3d31

    Benoît Perroud

  • Alpaslan korkmaz ed4d625b25b90d7cfe002b87bc3eb69ad2ceba7fca978b16293006552c96b85d

    Alpaslan Korkmaz


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