Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the data on
Where does the data on come from?

We have a direct link to more than 30 public data sources, including: Zefix, the 26 cantonal commercial registers, the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC), the IDE register, the VAT register as well as the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

In addition, we use web crawlers to directly enrich structured data from official registers with unstructured data, such as product and service descriptions (semantic data), keywords and contact details from company websites.

Our data is comprehensive and is updated daily through direct links to public data sources.

What is the data quality on

The data in the official registers (status, address, manager, field of activity, etc.) is updated and checked daily to ensure that it is 100% correct.
However, contact details and other unstructured information collected by our crawlers may contain mistakes on rare occasions. We do our best to avoid such mistakes, our error rate does not exceed 3%.

Through internal data cross-checking (automatic and manual verification), we strive to offer the richest and most qualitative data on the Swiss market. However, perfection cannot be guaranteed. The maximum response rate (or bounce rate) for mailings is 3%, for e-mails 8% and for telephone numbers 5%.

Is the data on exhaustive?

Yes, thanks to our direct link to the official data sources, all companies registered in the commercial register and their data are referenced on
Regarding contact information, it must be available in the public domain to be displayed on our platform.

Is the data on updated regularly?

Yes, daily. Thanks to our partnerships and direct links to the official registers, our data is refreshed every day.

What are the differences between and Zefix?

Zefix is the central index of companies in Switzerland (extract from the commercial register) and one of our 30 data sources. All data available on Zefix is referenced on, however only a fraction of the data from can be found on Zefix.

What is a NOGA code?

The NOGA code is an official indication for the classification of economic activities, which is assigned by the FSO.

My company's NOGA code is not correct, how can I change it?

To change the NOGA code, please contact the FSO directly.

After the change by the FSO, the correct NOGA code will automatically appear on

Do you also provide data for countries other than Switzerland?

No, for the time being we are specialised in Switzerland.

Do you also provide data for individuals?

No, we specialise in company addresses. But we do have information on their decision-makers from the commercial registers (and in some cases we also have the directors direct e-mail address).

Do you also provide accounting data and balance sheets?

No, because unlike in other EU countries, this data is not published in Switzerland. No supplier can provide such data, or it is only an estimate.
However, you can find information on creditworthiness and extracts from the debt collection register in the "credit check" tab of the requested company.

How can I be sure that a company’s creditworthiness?

Thanks to our partner CREDITREFORM (Switzerland’s leading provider of SMEs creditworthiness analyses), you can obtain comprehensive reports on companies and self-employed individuals on request. These reports include current payment practices and debt collection procedures.

Please note:
Information on creditworthiness can only be requested if there is a legitimate interest in the information.

Extracts from the debt collection register:
The request is sent electronically to the company’s relevant debt collection office who verifies the proof of interest (it must include the references of both parties, for example: offer, invoice, contract).

Why is my company on

All companies registered in the Swiss commercial register can be found on This also includes companies that have been deleted in the last 15 years.
Our goal is to provide our users with comprehensive information, so that they can make good decisions based on reliable information.

Problem with the data
I found a mistake on, how can I change the data?

Our information is checked daily and corresponds to the information in the commercial register. If you wish to add additional data, please use the following link.

How can I add missing data to

Thank you very much! Please use the following link.

Can I delete my company data from

All companies listed in the Swiss Commercial Register can be found on
This also includes companies that have been deleted in the last 15 years.
If your company has been liquidated, we can add a no-index tag to remove your site from search engines.

About our offer
Can I get a list of Swiss companies on

Yes, thanks to our List-Builder, you can easily create exhaustive lists.

You can filter the approximately 650,000 companies by region (cantons, municipalities, postal codes, radius in kilometers, etc.) and by field of activity (NOGA, the official classification of the Federal Statistical Office). Thanks to more than 30 filters, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

How much do the lists cost?

Price per order and per address:

  • the first 500 addresses -- CHF 0.90/per address
  • from the 501st to the 1'000th address -- CHF 0.70/per address
  • from the 1'001st address -- CHF 0.40/per address

Example for a purchase of 1'250 company addresses: 500 * 0.90 CHF + 500 * 0.70 CHF + 250 * 0.40 = 900 CHF

With a subscription, you benefit from reduced prices.

Can I use the data as often as I like?

You can use the data for the exclusive use of the buyer, indefinitely (see our T&Cs).

To what extent may the e-mail addresses provided by be used?

All e-mail addresses were collected in the public domain, for example on the company's website. We always provide the source and the date on which an e-mail address was found. You therefore have the right to use them.
However, sending mass e-mails is prohibited by the Unfair Competition Act (UCA art. 3), if you have not obtained the consent of the recipient.

Is it possible to buy a credit analysis/extract from the debt collection register without a subscription?

Yes, you do not need to be a subscriber to get credit checks for all companies in Switzerland. However, with a subscription, the prices are lower.

Why subscribe to a paid plan on

With a free account, you cannot access all the data. With a paid subscription you have unlimited access to all the data available on
In addition, with a paid subscription, you also have access to more functionalities, including the List-Builder, the ideal tool for commercial prospection.
Finally, you will benefit from reduced prices on many of the products available on demand, including credit rating reports and list exports.

Why choose an annual subscription over a monthly one?

Not only is a yearly subscription 17% cheaper than a monthly one, but it also allows you to export up to 200 companies per month at no additional cost.
So, by committing to a year, you are doubly rewarded.

Subscriptions: Can I share my access with my colleagues?

No, subscriptions are personal.
However, our Enterprise subscription allows multi-user access.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, all our subscriptions can be cancelled without notice up to the day before the automatic renewal. You are only committed for the chosen period.

About the functions of
Can I export data from to Excel?

Yes, with the List-Builder you can export what you need to Excel without any obligation.
Some of our subscriptions allow you to export data either on a package basis or at a reduced cost compared to the free account.

What contact information is available on

Our files contain the information available in the official registers.

For 100% of Swiss companies: Name (company name), UID number, postal address (street, house number, postal code, city, municipality, district, canton, language region), industry (6-digit NOGA), legal form (joint-stock company, limited liability company, etc.), company size (micro, small, medium or large company), share capital, date of entry in the commercial register as well as the managing director of the company (highest-ranking person entered in the commercial register, title, first name, surname and function).

A generic contact e-mail ([email protected] or [email protected]) and a company telephone number are also available for many companies included in the database. The exact quantities are calculated when the list is compiled. also provides the names and e-mail addresses of decision makers. This data is extracted by our web crawlers from publicly available sources is constantly verified by cross-checking and various technical processes.

Do you have an API to access the data?

Yes, with the Enterprise subscription you can access the API.
Here its documentation.