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Extensive business information and an insightful network graph help you uncover hidden relations and allow for a quick and thorough due diligence.

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Get unrestricted access to information

Find any person or company doing business in Switzerland and receive comprehensive and up-to-date information.

We have compiled information on every company registered in Switzerland and make it easy for you to find the information you are looking for through our intuitive platform.

Uncover hidden relations

Quickly find and understand the relationships between businesses and people and use that to your advantage.

There is a great deal you can learn about a company when you understand the relationships behind it.

Know who you are dealing with and take informed business decisions.

Keep an eye on companies of interest

Stay one step ahead by creating personalized company watch lists and get notified about important changes (leadership, status, etc.) made to the company, as soon as they happen.

Perform a quick solvency check

Limit your risk and carry out background checks on big accounts and on potential business partners through our CrediSCORE and CrediCHECK reports.

Key benefits of our Classic offering

Conduct targeted research

Find the company or person you are looking for despite typos, thanks to our advanced search engine.

Conduct precise research on prospects and leads, ensuring you're well-prepared for your next interaction.

Access rich business information

Access vital company information quickly, including industry, size, and key decision-makers and networks.

Dive deeper into the company's background, financials, and history, providing a comprehensive view.

Intuitive and easy to use platform

Set up your account and access past searches and purchases.

Our best-in-class User Experience and Web Design practices ensure an intuitive and comprehensive overview.

Collaboration at its best

Share one account with your entire team.

Invite as many members as you want without any additional costs.

Collaborate, exchange insights and create impactful campaigns.

Dedicated to your success

Own the data you buy and use it multiple times. No hidden costs.

Download additional resources and learn about the specificities of the world of B2B and the power of data.

Get dedicated support through our self-service ticketing system.

Join the thousands of business people who already come to us to get high-quality Swiss B2B information

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Our Classic subscription is available for unbeatable CHF 29.- per month. The subscription can be cancelled at any time and you keep the data you purchased.
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