Company databases for B2B sales and marketing in Switzerland

Daily update, 705'502 active companies, more than 30 filters available, instant export in Microsoft Excel format

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Your benefits

1.Quality and daily update

Thanks to a direct and permanent connection to more than 6 official sources as well as the use of proprietary cross-referencing and verification processes, the addresses and data provided are 100% up to date throughout the year.

2.Completeness - Hit 100% of your target

All companies obliged to register in the commercial register are listed in the database from the first to the last day of operation.

3.Data enriched with contact information

In addition to the 30 official data sources connected in real time, the robots visit more than 3 million Internet pages every week. This makes it possible to collect and verify unstructured data, such as contact information (telephone numbers and e-mail addresses).

4.No usage limit

Our data can be used, for your own needs, without limits, because we do not offer a rental or annual license, but a purchase.

5.Everything is included, no expensive options

Our address files contain all the necessary data, such as full address, NOGA industry, legal form, capital, gender, name and role of the manager and, if available, the telephone number and email address of the company.

6.30+ targeting filters

Target among more than 700 industries, language regions, cantons, districts, radius around a NPA, type of company, age, etc.

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Prices for business addresses

The prices for addresses are based on the number of companies purchased and are degressive with the quantity.

Unit price
First 500 companies
CHF 0.90
From the 501st to the 1,000th
CHF 0.70
From 1'001
CHF 0.40
Prices excl. VAT
Example for a purchase of 1'250 addresses: 500 * CHF 0.90 + 500 * CHF 0.70 + 250 * 0.40 = CHF 900

Address file description

File content

Our files contain the following basic information:
For each company: name (company name), UID number, postal address (street, number, postcode, town, municipality, district, canton, language region), branch of activity (6-digit NOGA), legal form (public limited company, limited liability company, etc.), size of company (micro, small, medium or large), nominal capital, date of entry in the commercial register.

For each of them, the manager of the company (highest person in the commercial register, civility, first name, surname and role).

A generic contact email (info@ or contact@) and company phone number are also available for many of the companies in the database. The exact quantities will be calculated when creating the list.

File Format

The file is provided in Microsoft Excel (.xslx) format.

License to use

Unlimited (for exclusive use by the buyer)

General terms and conditions

Conditions of use

Source and quality of data

Our data is comprehensive and updated daily through direct connections to official data sources. In addition, uses web crawlers to acquire unstructured (semantic) data and contact information (extracted from the public domain) that is systematically verified.

Data Sources

Zefix, 26 cantonal commercial registers, SOGC, UID register, VAT register, Federal Statistical Office (FSO), search robots.

Data quality

We strive to provide the richest and highest quality data on the Swiss market. However, perfection cannot be guaranteed. The maximum return rate (or bounce rate) on mailings is 3%, on emails 8% and on telephone numbers 5%. Data from official registers correspond 100% to the situation of the day in these registers.