Swiss Post, venture capital & open innovation

Olivier Laplace, Investment Director at Swiss Post:

Business-Monitor is the most powerful tool to analyse Swiss companies than I found so far. I am Olivier Laplace, I am investment director at Swiss Post.

Our corporate venture capital activity is a natural extension of our open innovation activity. We have been scouting startups for five years now, bringing them to our business units, and creating open innovation collaborations, around twenty per year for the past five years.

The usual way of working is using Google. You get information on a startup reaching out to you, and you want to cross-check that information. So, it's taking a lot of time to Google information about that startup, or to call people to get additional feedback.

What I really like with Business-Monitor is the fact that I go three times faster when I want to identify startups, but also when I am doing the first level of due diligence.

For example, using specific keywords for the drone industry, you can have a very defined list and a complete list of the different players: when they have been created, where are they located, who are the decision-makers.

One very useful feature is the network discovery. Typically when we're interested in a startup, we have a look at who is in the decision-makers of that company. And by going through the network of a decision-maker, we can see whether he/she is already investing or already part of another startup.

For me, Business-Monitor is a commercial registry of Swiss companies under steroids.