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  • B2B lead generation


    “Thanks to Business Monitor, I gain in efficiency in my prospection activities. For half the effort, I get the same amount of new clients.”

    Arthur Veenhuys, Director, AVplanification LEARN MORE
  • Mergers and acquisitions


    “Business Monitor allows us to identify potential corporate investors when a business owner wants to retire.”

    Jérôme Vuilleumier, Managing Director, Finalta Sàrl LEARN MORE
  • Human resources consultant

    “Business Monitor opens a new perspective on the integrated economy, and helps us to identify companies potentially hiring workers.”

    Steve Guyot, Employment support advisor, Ingeus SA LEARN MORE
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Why using Business Monitor?

There are tons of data sources providing unstructured information on companies, such as news, governments, social media, websites, etc. While looking for new B2B customers, you are overwhelmed with flows of information that are not actionable and making you lose your main objective: sell.

Business Monitor collects, stores, analyzes this massive quantity of data with advanced big data technologies and retrieve you only what you need: Potential customers and contact information.

Stop losing your precious time doing inefficient desk research and stop relying on outdated static company directories of the 20th century. Start using next generation active data retrieval system, and focus on what you do best, selling your amazing services and products.

Data Sources


Advanced search engine

Advanced search engine returning companies, not webpages

Business Monitor is a search engine, working like Google, but returning enterprises, rather than millions of web pages. Our engine analyzes the websites of all the Swiss companies, thanks to that, you can do keyword searches on more than 600’000 enterprises. In addition, our unique set of filters offering allows you to obtain highly targeted results.

Advanced search engine
Extensive Company information

Extensive Company information gathered in one place

Our system gathers all the companies incorporated in Switzerland, thus registered in the commerce registry. On top of analyzing their websites, Business Monitor aggregates company information from multiple sources, such as social medias and news.

List builder and data export

List builder and Microsoft Excel data export

Business Monitor allows you to build lists, containing your existing clients, your prospects as well as your competitors. With that, you can easily keep track of your business development activities, and you can easily export your data, to feed your CRM for instance.

List builder and data export
Predictive marketing

Predictive marketing – Get company suggestions

We use machine learning and predictive analytics to make suggestions, continuously. Business Monitor will tell you which are the companies the most likely to convert to new clients, who are your competitors, and where you should focus your marketing effort.

Market analysis

Market analysis

With Business Monitor, its smart visualization and advanced filters, you will be capable to answer specific business questions. For instance, you will be able to understand where to open your next operation center.

Market analysis

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